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Epistolary Lessons Diversity in Action
By Leslie Gross Klaff, 06.23.20

Human Kind: Changing the World One Small Act At a Time
By Brad Aronson, 04.14.20

Outreach for Astronomers: Letters to a Pre-Scientist and MIT Astrogazers Astrobites
By Briley Lewis, 03.06.20

Letters to a Pre-Scientist: Promoting Scientific Careers to Kids Ecology For The Masses
By Vanessa Bieker, 03.02.20

Engaging the Public, Patients and the Next Generation with Your Science Hello Bio
By Dr Chloe Thomas, 02.26.20

Human Narratives in Science: The Power of Storytelling Cell Press
By Fanuel Muindi, Lakshmi Ramachandran and Jessica W. Tsai, 01.28.20

Spotlight on Taylir Bullick and Letters to a Pre-Scientist University of New Hampshire College of Engineering and Physical Sciences blog

Letter writing could launch STEM careers The Northern Daily Leader
By Mary McMillan, 12.03.19

Letter to a pre-scientist? Biochemist
By Lucy Madden, 10.18.19

Let’s get kids serious about science CellPress
By Danielle Tomasello, 10.17.19

Becoming a pre-scientist pen-pal Genetic Cuckoo
By Emma Markham, 09.20.19

Innovation showcase – Letters to a Pre-Scientist Part 1 NewTV
Featuring Lucy Madden, Aliyah Weinstein, Eric Scott, Kathryn deKrafft and Jay Sugarman, 04.20.19

Innovation showcase – Letters to a Pre-Scientist Part 2 NewTV
Featuring Kevin Ohama and his 2018-2019 students and Jay Sugarman, 04.20.19

Connecting scientists and students as old-fashioned pen pals Science Talk
By Meghan Parsley, 12.12.18

Recognition for inspirational women in science Nature

My experience with ‘Letters to a Pre-Scientist’ Word Cluster
By Francisca Concha-Ramírez, 07.11.18

A meeting between scientist and student-pen pal International Ocean Discovery Program
By Stephanie Sharuga, 12.18.17

Giving back, one letter at a time College of Letters & Science University of Wisconsin-Madison
By Rachel Toczydlowski, 10.01.17

Marine Debris Program Chief Scientist Participates in STEM Pen Pal Program National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
By Amy V. Uhrin, 06.30.17

Pathway to Science: Making Meaningful, Authentic Connections with Scientists in the Classroom BAm!radio
By Sarah Benton, 02.11.16

Pathways to science: Letters to a Pre-Scientist Share it! Science
By Sarah, 01.19.16

WANTED: Scientists to write Letters to a Pre-Scientist American Geophysical Union
By Laura Guertin, 09.23.15

Letters to a Pre-Scientist Deep Sea News
By Alex Warneke, 09.13.15

Rediscover childlike wonder with a pen pal UC Davis Neuroscience
By ck2, 10.13.14

Letters to a Pre-Scientist, Part 1 Berkeley Science Review
By Anna Goldstein, 10.21.10